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1. The MASM Group Funeral Policy

Effective 1st July 2020, the MASM Funeral Benefit is now provided through the MASM Group Funeral Policy, underwritten by NICO Life Assurance Company Limited. In the event of death of the insured life, the MASM Group Funeral Policy provides funeral services to ensure the deceased if provided with a decent burial in line with our promise to provide our members with cover “from the cradle to the grave”.

The policy provides funeral service through registered Funeral Service Providers that have been duly vetted and approved by NICO Life to ensure quality of service.

This is a departure from the previous arrangement where a cash pay out was made to the bereaved family. The new policy ensures that the deceased is accorded a dignified and decent burial.

MASM Group Funeral Policy provides cover in form of funeral service according to scheme the deceased was registered on, up to the limits stated below

VIP/VIO – MK1,000,000.00

Executive/EXO – MK750,000.00

Econoplan – MK500,000.00

(b) Qualifying Conditions for Funeral Benefit

The funeral benefit is available to all active MASM members as at 30th June 2020. New members whose effective date is from 1st July 2020 shall be subjected to a six (6) months’ wait period.

2.Type of payments made towards funeral benefit.

(a) Direct payment to registered Funeral Service providers
(b) Refund for expenses already incurred (subject to approval by NICO Life)

3. How to access the funeral service through the MASM Group Funeral Policy

For (2a). above
 in the event of a death of a qualifying member

  • Immediately inform NICO Life or MASM providing membership details of the deceased together with death certificate or notification of death letter from a Doctor, Hospital or Funeral Parlor.
  • NICO Life will authorise the Funeral Service provider after confirmation of membership with MASM
  • After providing the service, Funeral Service provider shall submit to NICO Life a duly completed Claim Form for settlement of the claim.

For (2b) above (refund for expenses paid)

In exceptional cases where a claim needs to be made for expenses already incurred, the following shall be followed,

  • Report the incident to NICO Life or MASM as soon as it is practically convenient,
  • Provide all necessary documentation as in 2 (a) above, including receipts /invoices
  • Submit for approval and payment to MASM.

4.  Who is actually paid the Funeral Benefit?

The MASM Group Funeral Policy ensures that the deceased member is accorded a dignified burial provided by well qualified NICO accredited Funeral Service Parlours

5.  Time Limit for Putting in a Claim for Funeral Benefit.

For service to be provided, death must be reported immediately so that Funeral Service is activated by NICO Life. Where it is not practically possible to provide the service, a claim must be submitted immediately after burial with all necessary supporting documentation.


  • Non members and Members who have been on MASM for less than 6 months.
  • Death arising from any willful or deliberate self inflicted injury or any attempt thereat, negligence, suicide, abuse of alcohol or drugs.
  • Death arising from participation in hazardous or any sport for monetary gains.
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